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at the very end of last year we decided that I would have the possibility to be part of the 'Red Love Train 2016'. Doing the 'Unogwaja Challenge' has been my dream for almost two years which I had to let go for 2016 as life showed itself and let me sense that this was probably not the right moment in this stage - a tough but very good decision in the end (Stoff, thank you forever) - I have again learned that life works its own way and that things are meant to be.
Most importantly I knew this was not about me - and certainly not about me doing a random competion: its a commitment to a group who are following the brave journey of Phil Masterton Smith to show that the impossible is possible if you are determined enough to do what seems impossible!
Postponing a dream was hard I admit - but in the end it made all sense and joining the Red Love Train with Elke & Kerstin gives me the opportunity to run Comrades with an amazing international group from Brazil, Britain, Canada, Portugal and South Africa to support the Unogwaja 2016 team. What a beautiful goal!
This years team of 12 very special athletes is led by the charismatic Nathaniel Mabetwa. They will start this thursday 19th of may cycling about 1700km (with ~20.000 hight) from Cape Town to the start of the Comrades in Pietermaritzburg for the 10 days before the race. This is where the team and the red love train meets.
We will then all run together on their day 11 as a strong international unity. This is to give back, to give hope and to empower people to stand up for themselves. Doing fundraisers for the Unogwaja Lightfund over here became part of my life and without the help of Elke and Kerstin it would not have been easy nor so much fun - I am very very blessed & thankful. We have tried to spread as much 'red' as possible understanding that this is not a temporary action - its not 'just' a charity - its about so much more. Unogwaja is a movement, a beautiful energy that unites us to a strong community to walk together through life (stealing words from Trevor!) Running Comrades together in our red socks ' about removing obstacles' its a journey - not only an ultra race of 90k - only the history of this race gives me goosebump! its very special and I am thankful that our training went well although it wasn't a piece of cake. I am happy, proud and honoured that I am still part of this years team and I can call myself an 'Unogwaja' - all my mind-strength will be focused on these special people and the support group for the 10 days prior Comrades!
We will all meet in Kwazulu-Natal! I cannot wait! Sending much love! Cec
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please support this beautiful movement - help s make a difference & massive thanxx to those who did already:

please find more info about the Unogwaja Lightfund :

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