✨the challenge ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you✨
✨the challenge ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you✨

✨the challenge ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you✨ I "stole" this amazing sentence out of the official comrades teaser and the past weeks it wouldn't leave my head... 

a lot of people have asked me, why I had applied for the challenge in the first place. some shook their heads and the word 'crazy' didn't always have a positive sound... 

unfortunately the answer to this question is not short ;)... 

I want to try: 

the unogwaja challenge unites all I strongly believe in: 

'resilience', 'patience' and 'determination' - 'achieving our very own goal '. 

the unogwaja lightfund supports four amazing southafrican charity projects and with the 'unogwaja challenge' we don't want to be seen as 'heroes' but more as a 'support' for those who need to show strength and resilience in their daily lifes in order to fight for a stable future


education is the key!! 

riding 10 days 1.700km on our racing bikes and on the 11th day running comrades ultra is something that for  some sounds unimaginable - here you find our route: (hier findet ihr unsere route...) 

and for me? I have applied two years ago, in order to give something back. something I have received many years ago: education. 

in additon to that, my own wish to grow through sportive goals, to become more courageous and to be able to 'see' those who deserve it the most - I am thankful to be able to meet those who are engaged and supported by the unogwaja lightfund projects - but the best thing: we are in this together. within the community! 

but the closer we're getting towards the first day of the challenge, the more I get mixed feelings... did I train enough? have the others prepared better than me? can I conquer the daily altitudes? will I have enough energy? am I able to run comrades after riding my bike for 10 days? can I run below the given 12 hours? 

the last training sessions I've had enough time to reflect about all these questions,... so many trainings kilometres, e.g. my 204km-trainingsride last sunday with felix or my 61k run the sunday before with kiki... 

I have learned that it wasn't easy, to motivate myself for all these trainings and that 'here and there' I got 'interrupted' as my daily life with kids, my full time job & being a single mum showed me my clear limits considering my strength - I will stop at this point as I dont like to complain - but I have to admit that the last 3/4 of this year I have truely felt my own 'limits' - and I had already way left my own comfort zone.

this is something one really wants to do - and ya, I have decided a long time ago to do it. 

I am happy (and also a little proud) about my discipline and at the same time I was constantly suffering by my bad concience because of my kids and my always chaotic flat.

in addition to this, came a little 'fear' four weeks ago - maybe a better expression would be a large amout of 'respect'!

the closer we get towards the challenge, I see what we will achieve ... I am very thankful that nils coached me through the past 11 months, my kids were my best supporters and for my boyfriend who joined nearly all my trainings. with that I even managed to do my community projects. 

I am writing these words, because I don't want people to think I am perfekt, because I have a kind of fear and tons of respect and because of the fact that it wasn't easy - I am sure there will be many tears and it will hurt often, but in the end I will again learn a lot, about myself, my strength and discipline... but further more I will learn from those, who don't have the privilege to live our standard of living. 

we are still aiming to collect 2million rand in 2017 for the unogwaja lightfund / if you'd like to support and donate please do it here: 


thankful for your support <3 

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