THANK YOU for your donation❤️

help us to support the unogwaja lightfund
help us to support the unogwaja lightfund
Unogwaja is a growing legacy inspired by an incredible South African story of hope that we can all be part
✊🏻✨together we are stronger ✊🏻✨ please help me raise more funds for this amazing charity!
I am very thankful for all donations made by you for the last two years 🙌🏽 with this we can continue supporting the unogwaja lightfund, giving education and hope to those who need it the most. like that we are able to give four very special projects a monthly aid in order to help them to one day stand up for themselves. through education we all grow stronger. 

please support us for this amazing cause - donations go directly into the unogwaja lightfund 💛 thank you guys!! 



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