thankful & thoughtful ❤️

Always follow your heart ❤️
Always follow your heart ❤️

we have spent an incredible day in capetown from sunrise to sunset. blessed to be shown by john mcinroy. it started off with a secret dancing party on top of signal hill and ended with a hike up lions head or rather in a restaurant getting to know our brazilian teammates. 

dancing sessions from 7-8 a.m. at a secret location with 60 other people above the clouds embracing life and welcoming the morning with headphones on, seemed so strange but made perfect sense once somebody stuck them on my ears. three dj's with different musik directing you towards the people - giving hugs, dancing together 'now look for somebody you haven't met before - take their hands - dance together...' : it was about meeting people, overcoming the common 'dancing alone' 'not seeing anybody' ... - what a wonderful idea, what wonderful vibes, what an amazing location... john was right: I loved it! 

one of my biggest whish whilst spending prep time in cape town was to hike up lions head. phumzile accompanied us and it was a blast... this place is magic... overseeing all of cape town one could see how big this city is... 3.74 million people live here - but probably more... yesterday we saw one part - the 'beautiful' part... the rich... tomorrow we'll visit Langa township with our team... we are going to see beauty I know that for sure... 

our heart ❤️ will see & feel!

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